Does your resume separate you from the herd?

Expert professionals from IITs/IIMs/ISB with recruiting experience can help you create the perfect CV

  • Resume is your first interaction with a potential employer

  • Spelling mistakes, typos and poor formatting reduce your chance to get shortlisted

  • Poor formatting can render your resume ineffective to show your strengths

  • Industry Experts will guide you for a professional looking attractive resume

  • Discuss your story one-to-one to build your best version

  • High visibility will increase your chances of getting shortlisted by 50%

  • Set yourself apart from a vast number of candidates


Most of the resumes are never seen or are never shortlisted by the actual recruiters. Check if your resume catches the eye


Resume Writing services

Resume Revamping

₹ 499 (Limited time offer: 50% off)

Existing resume moulded to perfection by experienced professionals. Perfect way to get shortlisted for your dream job.

₹ 999 (Limited time price: ₹ 499)

Complete Resume Overhaul

₹ 1249 (Limited time offer: 50% off)

Resume created by industry experts. Create an impact on the recruiter by shining in the crowd.

₹ 2499 (Limited time price: ₹ 1249)


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